Biden Set to Announce 2020 Campaign Slogan: “Bring Back ISIS”

Photo: Joe Biden’s 2020 Campaign Headquarters (Aleppo, Syria)

(Washington DC) – Democratic Front Runner Joe Biden is set to announce his 2020 campaign slogan, The Fake Scoop has learned.

The anticipated slogan – “Bring Back ISIS” – is winning support among pundits, although some wonder if it is inclusive enough.

After proliferating throughout the Middle East and beyond during the Obama-Biden years, ISIS was operationally destroyed within a few years into the Trump administration.

“We’re not going to let Trump take away one of our biggest accomplishments,” Biden told our source. “We’re going to bring back ISIS.”

SJWs Pleased

“We love ISIS. They would never man-spread or man-splain like chauvinist Western men,” said Leaf Naturetrance, 39, of Mother Jones. 


The Biden campaign also considered alternative slogans, including “Fewer Jobs” and “Lower the Stock Market.”

“These certainly will be goals of my presidency,” Biden insisted. “But I believe the one thing that most unites the American people is bringing back ISIS.”