Laundromat Change Machine Shorts Brian Williams Nearly 4000 Quarters

(New York, New York) – On Friday’s edition of Morning Joe, former NBC network news anchor Brian Williams expressed how upset he is at a Chinatown-area laundromat.

“I went into there last night to do a load, put a dollar into the change machine, and you know what it spit out – 4 measly quarters,” Williams told host Joe Scarborough.

“That is outrageous,” responded a visibly upset Scarborough.

3996 Quarters Short

Having anticipated receiving 4000 quarters for his dollar, Williams did not have enough left over to completely dry his towels.

“You ever use a damp towel?,” fumed Williams.

AOC Appalled

Rep. Alexandra Occasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted support for Williams, comparing it to a financial discrepancy she uncovered last year.

“First the Pentagon loses trillions of dollars that could’ve gone to the Green New Deal, and now this,” she griped.