Biden On Public-Private Coronavirus Partnership: What About Woolworth’s?

(Washington, D.C.) – In a virtual town hall beset by technical problems, Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden criticized President Trump’s Coronavirus response private-sector partnership selections.

“Trump is doing this all wrong, man. He’s left out the major players: Woolworth’s, McCrory’s, Kresge and Pop Dougle’s in downtown Scranton, where you could get a Cherry Coke for a nickel,” Biden said.

“And the soda jerk would make you a black cow for a dime. That’s why they’re called five and dime stores,” the former Vice President added.

Technical Problems

Four minutes into the presentation the Facebook Live feed inexplicably cut out. When the video returned, Biden offered an apology to viewers.

“I’m sorry but we’re having trouble with the InstaFace,” Biden explained.

Spokesman Unavailable

The Fake Scoop‘s attempts to contact Woolworth’s spokesman Edgar Greenfield for comment were met with failure.

“He passed away 12 years ago,” son David, 65, told TFS.