Rotary Telephone Maker Wants Federal Bailout

(Washington, D.C.) – Rotary phone maker Cortelco is threatening a lawsuit if they are left out of federal bailout discussions, The Fake Scoop has learned.

The company, which discontinued making their iconic products on January 1, 2007, blames the decades-long decline in rotary phone sales on Coronavirus-related disruptions.

“There’s no other reasonable explanation,” a spokesperson tells TFS.

Other industries that are seeking relief include those that manufacture typewriters, fax machines, cassette tapes, and cathode ray tube televisions.

Media Reaction

Print newspaper columnists across the country defended the obsolete manufactures.

“Just because it’s a product that no one uses anymore doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get millions from the government. Hint, hint,” wrote Debra Gagne of the Chicago Sun-Times.