Principled European Tourist Dining in U.S. Restaurant Refuses to Leave Tip

Photo: Greedy restaurant staff expect a tip for working hard

(New York, New York) – At the highly-rated Carmine’s on 44th street, French tourist Jacques Boulanger, 52, is taking a stand.

“I’m not leaving a tip,” he said, pertaining to the dinner and drinks he just enjoyed with his wife. “Restaurants should pay a living wage.”

Tipping in restaurants is a quintessentially American custom which involves leaving 15%-20% on top of the bill for the person or persons who served you your meal. Restaurateurs are allowed to pay certain service employees well below minimum wage on the expectation that they will more than make up for it in tips.

Unusual Complaints

Boulanger told The Fake Scoop that he was unhappy with the experience. He said the server was friendly and the food came out hot, something which he is not used to back home.

“She kept refilling my water whenever the glass got low,” he griped.

Staff Reaction

Server Amanda Letite, 27, was not impressed with Boulanger’s reasoning.

“Stupid Cheese-eating surrender monkey”, she said in her best impression of Willie from The Simpsons.