First Pet Hamster Dies From Coronavirus

(Orlando, FL) – In a major setback in the fight against Coronavirus, the nation’s first pet hamster has died from the disease.

“Mommy said China killed Mr. Whiskers,” 8-year-old Corey Galiano told the Orlando Sentinel. An independent CDC investigation has confirmed the findings.

Family Devastated

Mr. Whiskers, age 2, was a fixture of the Galiano household. The elderly hamster still found the energy to run around his wheel – that is until recently.

“By the time the tiny ambulance arrived he was gone,” an Orlando PD spokesperson told The Fake Scoop.

Funeral Arrangements

The infected corpse of Mr. Whiskers was discarded in the family’s second floor bathroom toilet.

“It’s what he would’ve wanted,” the Galiano third-grader reportedly said through tears.