Biden Says He No Longer Supports the “Jekyll and Hyde” Amendment

Photo: Biden now says that whatever this guy is doing should be federally-funded, as long as he is usually a very good person

(Washington, D.C.) – Democratic presidential front runner Joe Biden has reversed his long held position on the “Jekyll and Hyde” Amendment.

The amendment – which bans the Federal government from using taxpayer funds to support evil deeds done by usually very good people – has recently come under fire from left wing activists.

“We applaud Vice President Biden’s decision,” MoveOn spokesperson Meadowdropper Solartrip told¬†The Fake Scoop.¬†“Someone who is usually very good deserves to commit an evil deed every once in a while, and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be funded by the Federal government.”

“It’s Mental Health Care,” she added.

Times Have Changed

The Biden campaign released a statement explaining the move, suggesting that the decision is in response to a recent Republican assault on evil deeds.

“Forty years ago society just wasn’t ready for federal funding of evil deeds by usually very good people,” the statement read. “But times have changed, and we’re glad they have.”