Man Fired From Unemployment Compensation After Insensitive Tweet Surfaces

(Los Angeles) – After losing his job as a short order cook due to the Covid-19 related shutdown, 26-year-old Daniel McMahon did what millions of Americans have done in recent months: he applied for unemployment aid.

After initially being accepted, McMahon was shocked to discover he was kicked out of the program due to a questionable tweet he wrote 9 years ago while in high school. The tweet came to the attention of the state Unemployment Commission due to the intrepid research skills of Twitter user @Karen736.

“We just don’t have the resources to investigate all the recently unemployed for wrong-think. Without Karen this monster would’ve received the money he’s legally entitled to,” California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su told The Fake Scoop.

The Tweet

The tweet at issue was posted from McMahon’s account on May 21 2011.

“I believe that Herman Cain would be a good President,” the politically-incorrect pronouncement read the day the Republican businessman entered the race.

Cain went onto lose the GOP presidential nomination to now Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT).

McMahon Apologetic

“I never thought my youthful stupidity would get me fired from Unemployment,” a contrite McMahon told the LA Times. “But I certainly had it coming.”