Brian Williams Reports That Over One Quarter of Americans Have Been Killed By Covid-19

(New York, New York) – In news that is certain to send markets reeling and extend state lock downs indefinitely, former NBC network news anchor and amateur mathematician Brian Williams reported some grim news on Monday.

“Thanks to Trump’s incompetence over 25% of Americans are dead,” Williams claimed.

Appearing onĀ Morning Joe, Williams explained that the nearly 100,000 deaths being attributed in some way to Covid-19 make up over a quarter of the estimated 330 million Americans.

“Don’t waste your time double checking these numbers,” Williams told the television audience. “I was already up all night doing so.”

Electoral Repercussions

With over a quarter of the population now dead, Democrats are predicted to win November’s election in an across-the-board landslide.

“Dead voters vote overwhelmingly for the left,” political analyst Charlie Cook told The Fake Scoop.