Disclosure: FBI Plotted to Give Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn a ‘Wedgie’

(Washington, D.C.) – Questions have been raised about the conduct of some top FBI officials after recently disclosed documents show them plotting to give Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn – then Trump’s National Security Advisor – a ‘wedgie’,  among other indignities.

“We’ll tell him we want to interview him, and then you sneak up behind him,” then-Director James Comey wrote to agent Peter Strzok. “That’s when you give him a wedgie.”

Just the Beginning

The hand-written note went on to detail further ways the officials intended to humiliate Flynn.

“After that we can give him a nougie, a swirlie, a wet-willy, an Indian burn – the possibilities are endless,” Comey wrote.

Lasting Impact

In an attached repy, Strzok offered a suggestion.

“Let’s put a kick-me sign on his back when we’re done,” he wrote.