Ocassio-Cortez Withdraws ‘Green New Deal’ Proposal, Says Viral Pandemic Accomplishes All Goals

(New York, New York) – With the stock market crashing, businesses shuttering, and millions laid off from their jobs – all in an attempt to avoid the further spread of the Novel Coronavirus – Rep. Ocassio-Cortez (D-NY) announced Sunday that she is withdrawing her support for the ‘”Green New Deal”.

“We’ve achieved everything we’ve set out for,” the 29 year-old freshmen Congresswoman wrote on Twitter.

GreenĀ Living

“Empty airports, empty roads, empty grocery shelves, empty bank accounts – we couldn’t be more elated,” Justice Democrats spokesperson Stephanie Gage toldĀ The Fake Scoop.

“It’s just like Cuba,” she added. “So romantic.”

Checks for Everyone

Occasio-Cortez also praised President Trump’s plan to send checks for $1000 to nearly every American.

“I look forward to this becoming a weekly thing,” she wrote.