Survey: Blue Collar Workers Happy to Pay for Coastal Elites’ Gender Studies Degrees

(Sioux City, Iowa) – A surprising new Fox News poll has provided much-needed cover for presidential aspirant Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has recently faced criticism over her $1.5 trillion student loan ‘forgiveness’ plan.

“I knew those toothless rubes would go along with it,” Warren told a group of supporters in New Hampshire.

Happy to Help

In the flyover country survey of 1284 uneducated slobs, a 74% majority agreed that yes, they would be glad to add another couple trillion dollars onto the National Debt so that their intellectual betters don’t have to live up to their obligations.

“Them book-learning folks would surely do the same for me,” 32 year-old QuikTrip convenience store clerk Matthew Kaur told The Fake Scoop.

Paid Off College Graduates Also Supportive

Another encouraging sign for forgiveness-focused Democrats is that those who have already paid off their college loans also overwhelmingly support the bailout plan.

“As a financially responsible person who saved for years to attend a college I could afford, worked nights, weekends and summers, majored in something useful, and just made my final loan payment, of course I support student loan forgiveness,” said architect Caitlin Wilson, 28.