Elderly Iowa Caucus-goer Thinks It’s Still 2008

(Lake City, Iowa) – Ask any local outside the Wagon Wheel Restaurant here in Lake City – population 1670 – and they will tell you about how the days all seem to blend together.

“I’m supporting that young buck Joe Biden,” 90-year-old Beatrice Ownsby told The Fake Scoop.

Ownsby, who thinks it is still 2008, expressed her pleasure in President Bush leaving office.

“He was never the same without Ronnie,” Ownsby lamented, confusing the elder Bush’s presidency with that of his son.

Steady Media Diet

Ownsby, who cast her first vote for Governor Strom Thurmond in 1948, has a myriad of ways to keep informed.

“I always watch Peter Jennings on ABC,” she said of the anchor who died in 2005.

Analysts Agree

“Voters who think it is still 2008 are exactly the type of voters Joe Biden needs to win,” pollster Nate Silver wrote on Twitter.