Joe Biden Announces Partnership With Chinese Government to Build Las Vegas Hotel

Photo: Artist rendition of the planned Biden tower just off the Las Vegas Strip

(LAS VEGAS, NV) – Former Vice President and Democratic Front Runner Joe Biden is set to build a hotel and casino near the Las Vegas Strip, after securing funding following a recent visit to China.

In a brief press conference in front of a Las Vegas PF Chang’s Restaurant, Biden responded to accusations that this proved he was “in bed” with the Chinese government, brushing it off by saying that he has “only ever been in bed with my wife.”

“That guy accused of sniffing hair at that Nudist Resort only looked like me,” Biden claimed.

The planned 59 story structure will be just blocks away from the 58 story Trump International Las Vegas.

“I just want my name on a big building, and I’m not afraid to sell out America to do it. Wait, is this thing on?!?” Biden said before being rushed into the restaurant.

“No more questions. Happy hour is almost over,” an aide explained.