Biden Caught Lip Syncing Speech When Audio Skips

(Kansas City, MO) – After a gaffe-filled week since his strong Super Tuesday showing, leading Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden’s campaign decided on an unconventional path.

“Staying on script wasn’t enough to keep him focused,” deputy campaign manager Joshua Landis told The Fake Scoop. “So we decided to just record the speeches beforehand and have Joe lip sync them.”

Hours in the Studio

Successfully recording the 8 minute stump speech ended up taking the better part of a day.

“We were there from 7 in the morning all the way until Joe had to leave for his 2:30 dinner reservation,” a staffer told TFS. 

“We never got a full take but the engineers managed to slap together something coherent,” he added.

Moving the Needle

Biden campaign officials believe that they have pinpointed the issue that lead to the skip.

“This wouldn’t have happened if Joe hadn’t insisted we use a record player,” Landis maintained.