Bloomberg: Federally-Funded Private Jets for Illegals is a Bridge Too Far

(New York, New York)  – In a move that has rankled feathers among many members of his own party, recent Democratic presidential primary entrant and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg called into question the wisdom of the federal government providing complementary private jets to undocumented individuals.

“I fully supported the plank calling for the federal government to put these heroes up in luxury villas,” Bloomberg said, referring to the 2016 addition to the Democratic Party platform. “But we can’t just start giving away private jets to every person brave enough to completely disregard American sovereignty.”

Expected Pushback

“Clearly Bloomberg is worse than Hitler,” MoveOn’s Kathy Maguire told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Tuesday morning’s broadcast of AM JOY.

Some Tepid Support

“I wouldn’t have used that characterization myself, but certainly Michael has a lot to think about,” former Vice President Joe Biden told reporters when asked if he agreed with Maguire’s assessment.

Update: Micheal Bloomberg has apologized, saying that he now agrees with federal funding of private jets for the undocumented.

“Clearly I made an error in judgement and I ask for forgiveness. There should be no aviation-related restrictions when providing federal benefits to those who illegally cross the border.”