Millennial Voters Google “What is Mail?” Amid Vote-by-Mail Push

(Los Angeles, CA) – As Democratic Party politicians push for widespread mail-in voting in this November’s election, Google trends is showing that many young people are confused about what exactly ‘mail’ is.

“It’s the #4 search among 18-29 year-old adults, right behind asking how they can avoid the draft,” a Google spokesperson told The Fake Scoop.

Mild Recall

Millenials are not totally clueless when it comes to mail, often recognizing a version of it from their youth.

“Is this anything like that ancient technology called ‘E-Mail’?,” 27-year-old Sara Whitlock asked The Fake Scoop via Facebook Messenger.

Details Sketchy

Despite the prolific Googling, many Millenials appear to still not understand the workings of the mail system.

“So I just give my ballot to the UPS guy when he drops off my Amazon packages?”, inquired 22-year-old Joshua Green via YouTube comment. “Do I need to box it up first?”