Report: Italian Mayor Defends “Have a Chinese Person Cough In Your Face” Campaign

(Florence, Italy) – With the Novel Coronavirus death toll mounting in this Northern Italian city, Mayor Dario Nardella has faced criticism over an initiative his office promoted as the outbreak took hold.

“Here in Tuscany we are welcoming people,” Nardella told¬†The Fake Scoop. “And what better way to show it than to allow a foreign stranger to cough in your face?”

All Washed Up

In addition to “Have a Chinese Person Cough In Your Face”, Nardella said he is also testing out several other slogans to use in the midst of this pandemic.

“We’ve had a good response to ‘Say Nope to Soap’, our anti-hand-washing push,” Nardella told TFS.

No Regrets

“His breath smelled like Tofu”, 42-year-old Irma Vettraino told this reporter¬†from her hospital bed. “Totally worth it.”