Pelosi to Catholics: Government Isn’t God. It’s Just an Omnipotent Entity That We Expect You to Have Complete Unquestioned Faith In

Photo: Not government, but close

(San Francisco, CA) – U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke to a group of Catholics in her hometown today about the role of government in the life of the religious.

“Government isn’t God. It’s just an omnipotent entity that we expect you to have complete unquestioned faith in,” Pelosi told the assembly.

Studies show that religious people tend to be more politically conservative, but Pelosi sought to stymie that notion.

“What are you supposed to give to the Church, 10% of your earnings?,” she asked the crowd rhetorically. “We in government take 30% – at the very least.”

“That should tell you who is really in charge here,” she said.

Congregant Convinced

After Pelosi finished her remarks, The Fake Scoop sat down with a parishioner to get her take.

“I’m very impressed that she admitted government isn’t God”, said Marcia Carter, 57, of nearby Santa Clara. “That’s not easy for a Democrat.”