Hollywood Says it Will Continue Not to Film in the Country of Georgia

Photo: Despite the country adopting the MGM logo as its coat of arms, Hollywood still won’t film there

(Tbilisi, Georgia) – A dire mood has befallen the country of Georgia, as Hollywood spokesperson George Clooney announced today that the Los Angeles film industry will continue not to produce movies and TV shows there.

Clooney cited several concerns, such as they don’t speak English and the flight from LAX airport is 21 hours. Nevertheless, he says they wouldn’t have to continue to not film in the country of Georgia if Republicans were reasonable.

“Donald Trump made us continue not to do this,” Clooney told the Associated Press.

Too Late 

When contacted by The Fake Scoop, Minister of Culture Boris Liparteliani put on a brave face, brushing off the  boycott.

“We’re all booked up with Bollywood anyway,” he said.