Parents Nationwide Complain About Too Much Homework

(Benton Harbor, MI) – A survey released Tuesday by the National Education Association shows that a whooping 97% of parents believe that their children have been given way too much homework in recent weeks.

“It usually takes them 15 minutes, but lately they’ve been spending 6 hours a day doing school work at home,” parent June Welch told The Fake Scoop. “What is this, Japan? Enough already.”

Limited Intellect

Welch went on to say that homework should be limited because she doesn’t want her kids to be “too smart”.

“They’re hell-raisers as it is – imagine if they were actually clever,” the parent-of-two middle school students told TFS.

Teachers React

Early indications make it appear that the feeling is mutual.

“As if we actually like having to grade that crap,” 9th grade English teacher William Lytle told The New York Times.