Fact Check: Are You Required to Shower Daily When Working From Home?

Numerous publications are reporting that despite the coronavirus leading to a surge in employees working from home, those individuals are still required to shower daily.

Responding to multiple requests, editors at The Fake Scoop looked into this for our loyal readers. After several days of exhaustive research, we have determined that “no”, daily showers are not required for those working from home.

“Don’t listen to your significant other or children,” said The Fake Scoop Editor-At-Large Tommy-Ray Oatchaser. “They’re not mandatory.”

Wear a Hat

If you have to go out for any reason experts recommend putting something on your head.

“A hat works,” fashion consultant Jackie Taylor told TFS. “Or a hooded sweatshirt.”

No Laundry Either

We also would like to note rumors circulating on the internet that those working from home still have to do their laundry. We can say that this is categorically false.

“You get used to the smell after a while,” confirmed Oatchaser.