Few Stars Show to Eleventh Annual “Flyover Film Festival”

Photo: Farmers grow crops for an entire generation of soy boys.

(LOUISVILLE KY) – The Eleventh Annual “Flyover Film Festival” Dinner was to be a night for the ages, but the blue-collar crowd grew restless when few of the promised Hollywood celebrities showed up.

“Wait, that wasn’t a joke?,” said a sleepy Norm MacDonald when reached by telephone Sunday morning.

Records show that MacDonald – who was to emcee the event – instead spent Saturday evening engaged in a Twitter fight with a morbidly obese teenager.

“Dirty work didn’t suck! You suck you fat bastard!”, MacDonald wrote at 2:43 A.M. Pacific Time.

MacDonald friend Rosanne Barr was also a no-show, despite a biographical film about her premiering at the Festival.

“Ms. Barr would have liked to attend but she accidentally mixed up her Xanax prescription,” Barr’s agent explained. “She took 13 when she was supposed to take 1.”

Not all of the invited celebrities skipped out on the event. Actor Stephen Baldwin made it a point to come, but left early when no one wanted his autograph.