Redskins Owner Announces New Team Name: Washington Orangeskins

(Washington D.C.) –  Sports and politics collided today when – in a move long called for by many on the left – the Washington Redskins NFL team finally succumbed to the pressure and changed their team name and mascot.

“We believe both sides will be happy with this. Not only have we removed the moniker that some Native Americans find hurtful, we have replaced it with a similar one that honors the much beloved President of the United States,” the team’s owner Dan Snyder told reporters on a Thursday morning conference call.

Financial Incentive

The name controversy erupted in recent weeks when retailers Nike and Amazon stopped selling Redskins merchandise.

A Nike spokesman appeared unsure if the company found the new name acceptable.

“We know orangeman bad, but is orangeskins bad?,” Nike Chief Diversity Officer Zufan Massawa told The Fake Scoop.

“We have legal looking into it right now,” he added.

Trump Happy

“THE ORANGESKINS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!,” President Trump tweeted upon hearing the news.