Man Transitioning Into a Horse Urges Belmont Officials to Let Him Race

Photo: Sex in the City‘s Sarah Jessica Parker, spokesperson for Humans are Horses, at a 2013 gala honoring TV’s Mr. Ed

(ELMONT, NY) – In a move that is sure to cause murmurs among the tight-knit equestrian community, Belmont officials are considering allowing an individual who recently returned from trans-species surgery in Thailand to enter the upcoming Triple Crown race.

“I just want to compete like everyone else,” said 34 year old California native Flopsy (formerly Frank) Jones. “NEIGH!” he added.

Jones has found some support among Hollywood, with Humans are Horses spokesperson Sarah Jessica Parker coming out strongly for him on Twitter.


Still, Jones is not without his share of critics. Jockey Victor Espinoza, who won the Triple Crown in 2015, questioned the fairness of having to race against a horse-human hybrid.

“A horse can’t be it’s own jockey!” Espinoza said exasperated. “He’s 100 pounds lighter than everyone else.”

Beyond performance issues, there is also concern about how well Jones will fit in with the other horses in the stables.

“They said I was hung like a human,” Jones complained with a long face.

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