McMahon Announces It Will Be Mandatory For XFL Champs to Visit White House, Get Body-slammed By President

(STAMFORD, CT) – Vince McMahon, famed WWE founder and chairman of the newly revived XFL football league, has announced that the inaugural XFL champions will be going to the White House – whether they like it or not.

What’s more: they’ll be getting body-slammed by President Trump himself.

Trump, a member for the WWE Hall of Fame, is reportedly giddy over the idea.

“It’s gonna be ‘uge,” he told an aide.

“He tells me he’s been practicing the Tombstone Piledriver,” the aide told The Fake Scoop on condition of anonymity.

Professional wrestling has been highly discouraged at the White House ever since July of 1977, when while celebrating the nation’s independence day, Billy Carter attempted to do a Butterfly Suplex and broke two c. 1820 painted French porcelain vases.

It was later revealed that Carter had drank an entire case of his namesake beer.

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