Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Under Fire For Not Yet Banning All Republicans

(Menlo Park, CA) – Major social media companies are facing criticism that less than six months out from the 2020 general election they have yet to ban all Republican users.

A press release from the Southern Poverty Law Center called it “atrocious” that big tech has allowed some conservative voices to slip through.

“We’ve had reports that people are posting video of tractor pulls and country music concerts,” the civil rights organization contended. “This can’t go on.”

Milano Miffed

Outspoken actress Alyssa Milano went after Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, calling him “1000 times worse than the worst Nazi.”

“I guess Jack the Super Nazi supports people who don’t believe Caitlyn Jenner is beautiful,” Milano tweeted.

Tough Job

The social media giants have been doing everything they can to detect and oust Republicans, from AI that bans images of the American flag to warnings issued to users caught praising Chick-Fil-A.

“It would help if we had access to updated voter rolls, but we’re working on that,” YouTube CEO Susan Bysiewicz assured talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.