The Fake Scoop Founder Wins CNN ‘Journalist of the Year’ Award

Photo: Tommy-Ray Oatchaser’s brother, Felix Oatchaser, pictured with his camper. There are no known photos of Tommy-Ray.

(ATLANTA, GA) – Tommy-Ray Oatchaser, Founder and Editor of The Fake Scoop, has been awarded CNN’s 2019 ‘Journalist of the Year’ Award.

In a brief statement, network head Jeff Zucker wrote: “It’s very impressive how The Fake Scoop reporters will just publish completely fabricated stories. That’s the ideal we strive for here at CNN.

As you’re no doubt aware, we’ve been keeping quite busy in recent years creating fake news. From the PeePee dossier, to Kavanaugh, to Jussie Smollet, to the Covington kids, to ‘hands up don’t shoot’ – even going back as far as Duke Lacrosse and the UVA fraternity gang rape hoaxes.

We’ve always tried our best to be dishonest, and gladly join The Fake Scoop in that endeavor.”

The staff of The Fake Scoop humbly accept this award, and hope that we can continue to live up to CNN’s standard of truth.

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